Community Cohesion

The LCCC Foundation delivers a range of projects, programmes and events that impact on identified targeted groups. Through this work we are able to provide exciting opportunities and positive experiences to a wide cross section of the local community.

“I feel better and more confident with how I am around other people.” | Mhaire, Girls Without Boundaries participant, Bridgewater Youth Club

Girls Without Boundaries Schools Programme

This programme aims to raise the self-confidence of girls through a mixture of self-defence and dance. Over a 5 week period the girls are introduced to a range of basic Thai-boxing and self-defence moves and then work together as a group to incorporate these moves into their own unique dance routine.

Each wave of the programme will conclude with a dance off between the school groups for the honour of performing their routine live at a Lancashire game.

‘Girls Without Boundaries’ is open to girls from Year 7 to11.

Contact us - For further information or to book your school onto the programme please contact Natasha Sweeney-Meadowcroft, LCCC Foundation Activity Leader