Cricket Without Boundaries - Kenya 2016


In February 2015 charity Cricket Without Boundaries, following a year of planning they joined up with 28 Too Many, and the Maasai Cricket Warriors, were part of a team which delivered the first ever CWB anti-FGM project.
This project was a pilot, and after completing it they were delighted to announce that CWB is firmly committed to reach many more people and use the medium of Cricket to educate on and eradicate this abusive practice.

In June 2016 two of our colleagues went over to Kenya working in partnership with Cricket without Boundaries, FGM charity 28 too many, Cricket Kenya and the Maasia Cricket Warriors. The project focused its work on addressing the serious problem of FGM amongst the Maasia community where 3 in 4 girls are currently cut.

In Kenya the latest data shows that nationally around 27% of girls and women aged between 15-49 have had FGM (2008). This has reduced from 37% in 1998. There are significant variations within the country and some ethnic groups have very high rates of practice, whilst others do not carry out the procedure at all.
Amongst the Maasai, FGM is still widely practiced and the prevalence is at 73%.

Each day the team travelled around to different schools using the power of cricket to educate both boys and girls using the B.A.T message to help battle against 2000 years of cultural practise and encountering tough stories of those who have been effected by the practice along the way.

B- Break the silence and speak about FGM
A- Advocate for change
T- Together we can stop FGM.

The project again was a great success and to read about the teams experience each day please have a look at the Kenya Blog

Now our colleagues are back from Kenya they are working closely with CWB team to set up a similar project here in Old Trafford to the local community, which again, is very high for FGM practises. We will be using the skills, knowledge and experiences in Kenya to fight against FGM.
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