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David “Bumble” Lloyd supports life-saving heart valve disease check-up event at the Emirates Old Trafford



LONDON, 14th September 2015. Lancashire CCC legend and Sky Sports commentator, David “Bumble” Lloyd, gave his support to a heart valve disease check-up event hosted by Heart Valve Voice and the Lancashire County Cricket Foundation (LCCCF) at the Emirates Old Trafford One Day International on 13th September.


Heart Valve Voice, the UK’s only heart valve disease charity, hosted the event in an effort to raise awareness of the fatal consequences of the disease amongst elderly people who do not benefit from life-saving treatment simply because they are unaware of their symptoms.


Heart valve disease is a serious condition that affects more than one million over 65s in the UK. If left untreated, in 50% of people it can prove fatal within two years. However, many associate symptoms such as, breathlessness, fatigue and dizzy spells with old age and do not report them to their GP. People with heart valve disease are therefore often left undiagnosed and untreated.


Ben Bridgewater, Cardiac Surgeon, University Hospital of South Manchester, and the Chair of Heart Valve Voice commented, “Many people assume their symptoms of heart valve disease are the natural signs of ageing. We are encouraging members of the public to report their symptoms to their GP and to ask their GP to check their heart with a stethoscope. This is the first step to being diagnosed, successfully treated and returning to a normal quality of life.”


During the check-up event on Sunday, fans had their heart checked by a GP with a stethoscope – the easiest way to detect heart valve disease, and a number of those at the check-up were referred to a specialist to receive an echo-cardiogram. Those who were suspected of having heart valve disease were referred back to their GP to receive a more detailed diagnosis and appropriate care.


Following his check-up David (Bumble) Lloyd said: “Heart valve disease can affect anyone, no matter how fit you have been. If you find yourself being breathless, dizzy or have chest tightness, get yourself checked out by your GP. I’m glad my check-up was clear, but I’m going to ask my GP to listen to my heart with a stethoscope on a regular basis from now on. Because when it comes to heart valve disease, if you miss it, you’re out”


This was Heart Valve Voice’s second event in a series of upcoming heart valve disease check-ups at sporting venues. The campaign was launched earlier in the year at Crewe Alexandra Football Club, the home club of Heart Valve Voice’s co-founder, Dario Gradi.


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