Tue, 1st October 2013

Foundation Young Ambassador Heads off to Bali


It was February since we last spoke to Natasha as she was preparing for a fight against 28yr old Vicky Wolfe so we thought we would catch up with her again as she prepares to head off to Thailand and Bali for the World Championships in October.


Hi Natasha, how did your fight go in February?
I lost. I was so upset and annoyed as I know I could have done better, but mentally I wasn’t prepared.


How disappointing, what have you been doing since?
Well I went to Thailand in March and came back with a Silver which I was really pleased with.  I was fighting the 19-31 adult age group which is a lot harder so I did really well. I learnt from it and gained a lot of experience out there. I came back and wanted to fight Vicky again…


But there was a bit of a shock after your re-match though wasn’t there?
Yes, after the match I fitted and collapsed in the dressing room and had to be taken to hospital. It was a scary time and it’s still not been diagnosed why it happened but I’m ok now, I have been cleared to fight again, I’m not thinking about it happening again and I’m preparing to go to Thailand in October.

Wow that’s dedication for you, so tell us about your trip.
I fly to Thailand with the rest of the England team first, we go there for two days and we are all blessed by the monks ready for the Championships in Bali. This year I’m doing amateur as well as pro fighting, pro means you don’t wear a headguard or shinpads so it’s like fighting in England.

How has your training been going?
Well I’ve been working a lot to save up for the trip in my second job in a bar, plus working in the office on top of my training so it’s quite tiring but I’m looking forward to going and I should do better this year. It’s a different team, it’s strange because as well as fighting your opponents you are also competing against your team mates as everyone wants to bring home Gold.

Well good luck from all at the Foundation, we’ve loved having you in the office as your role as our Apprentice and now our Activity Leader, tell us about the work you have been doing with us since we last spoke.
I worked with the Foundation at The Ashes which was a great experience it was fantastic to see the ground full of people and it was great to chat to all the fans about the Foundation.

Ive also been helping out on the Sportivate programme, helping improve the attendees communication and confidence skills, I’ve also been working on the Sports Leaders courses and helping out on Lanky’s Arts Classes which has been great fun working with the

young children.


I love my role at the Foundation it’s really varied and it’s been good for me to learn more practical and administration skills. It’s great to be part of the team every day!


It’s been great to see more of you. Good luck in Bali and we hope to hear about your success when you return!


Natasha (left) at the Ashes

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