Thu, 18th February 2016

LCB and LCCC Foundation Donate Old Kit


Ian Ledward of Lancaster Royal Grammar School picks up old LCB kit from Emirates Old Trafford


The Lancashire Cricket Board and the LCCC Foundation are pleased to have donated old kit to disadvantaged children in Barbados.


Ruairidh Barker, student from Lancaster Royal Grammar School got in touch with the LCCC Foundation to see if there was anything they could take on their cricket tour to Barbados for children in local schools and clubs that don’t have kit to play cricket. The LCB and Foundation felt Ruairidh’s genuine and heartfelt appeal was a good cause to support and have come together to donate old kit which will be taken by the students for their tour at the end of March this year.


Ruairidh currently plays for Cumbria Under 17s and has also been invited to Durham for winter training. He’s looking forward to their school tour which will be for Years 10 and 11.
He said: “2 years ago I went as the only Year 9 student and it was an incredible experience not only to play cricket there, but to also see a lot of local children from cricket clubs in the area. I saw that in certain schools and clubs we played a lot of the players had to share kit and the kit they used was quite old and worn out. This year we are going out with some of our own team’s old equipment, and as the captain of the team, I’m delighted that the LCB and Foundation have donated old kit to give to some of the disadvantaged children from the schools and clubs in Barbados.”


Bobby Denning, LCB’s Managing Director, said: “This is a fantastic gesture from Ruairidh and his team mates and it’s our absolute pleasure to support him. They are clearly exceptional young men to consider this as part of their tour. I personally wish them all the best for a successful tour, with great experiences, on and off the field.”

Sandy Mitchell, Head of Community Development for the LCCC Foundation, added: “The LCCC Foundation and LCB work in partnership on a number of projects, programmes and events across the North West, but to be able to come together to support children in countries that suffer far greater hardship than we could ever imagine is something we are proud of. If by helping to provide additional kit we can make a small difference to the lives of these young people then it is well worth doing. This is in addition to recent donations we have made to support projects in India and is an area of work we will look to expand on in the future.”
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