Fri, 14th August 2015

LCCC Foundation on the Front Foot

The LCCC Foundation have joined up with the cricket and education charity Project Front Foot, helping them to provide kit and equipment to slum areas of India.

Founded in February 2009, a Registered UK Charity since October 2011, Project Front Foot provides kit, coaching and age group matches for a hundred children from Mumbai's Dharavi slum during the November to May season. In addition to their work in Dharavi, they also provide basic packages of kit (bats, tennis balls and wickets) for schools in and around Maharashtra through their Rural Schools Initiative.


The LCCC Foundation aims to inspire communities through cricket and has provided a total of 21 junior bats through its Cricket Bat Donation Scheme to support the work of Project Front Foot this year. This is however just the start of things and the LCCC Foundation will be working closely with the charity to grow the partnership in the future through the further provision of kit and the development and implementation of education initiatives.


Sandy Mitchell, Head of Community Development for the LCCC Foundation said “We are delighted to be able to support Project Front Foot through our Cricket Bat Donation Scheme. The work we do with local communities in the North West is well established now and by joining up with international charities with similar aims and objectives and providing support, kit and equipment we can help to expand our reach and impact and make a difference to the lives of more disadvantaged young people through cricket. I personally look forward to developing this international partnership further in the future”.

Vic Mills, Founder of Project Front Foot said “Children's participation in sport is a key component of their education and personal development. The bats provided by the LCCC Foundation will help to provide increased opportunities for the disadvantaged boys and girls of Dharavi and beyond”


To find out more about the work of the LCCC Foundation please contact us via the website

To find out more about the work of Project Front Foot please contact us via the website


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