Tue, 1st April 2014

Peer Mentoring with HMP Thorn Cross


Prisoners choosing their Futures wisely



 March saw the biggest delivery to date of the award winning Peer Mentoring Programme in partnership with HMP Thorn Cross.


All the 3 dates offered were fully booked immediately with schools travelling from all over the region to attend.

It involves prisoners presenting the ‘Choose your Future wisely…’ Talk to secondary schoolchildren who are themselves at risk of making poor life decisions or who are starting to show signs of anti-social behaviour.

The presentation gives the children an unglamourised account of life behind bars and the consequences of making the wrong decisions in life.

As usual the response from the teachers was extremely positive with them confident that the children had left with plenty to think about and with the hope that it might bring about a change in their attitude..



Our next Peer Mentoring session is planned for the 19th June. If you would like to book or would like any further information please contact Ian Seddon, Education Manager on iseddon@lccc.co.uk 0161 868 6855

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