Fri, 15th November 2013

Peer Mentoring with HMP Thorn Cross

The much acclaimed HMP Thorn Cross Peer Mentoring Programme returned yesterday (14th November) to LCCC Foundation following last year’s successful run.


The programme is designed to give inmates the opportunity to deliver a presentation about the harsh realities of life inside a Young Offenders Institute and how their behaviour led to their detention. Their stories highlight the danger signals which they ignored, whether it is hanging around with the wrong crowd or repeated disruptive behaviour or just not listening to sound advice from teachers and parents.

We delivered three sessions throughout the day and were joined by Marple Hall High School, The Barlow RC High School and St Antony’s Catholic College who brought a total of 45 students.

The pupils are often shocked to see the prison paraphernalia at first hand and the impact the loss of freedom can have on a person and their loved ones. The underlying theme is about making the right decisions in life and taking responsibility for your actions or being aware of the consequences which could follow.


Our next Peer Mentoring session is planned for the 13th March. If you would like to book or would like any further information please contact Ian Seddon Education Manager on 0161 282 4028

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