Thu, 7th February 2013

Q&A with Natasha Sweeney-Meadowcroft

By day Natasha Sweeney-Meadowcroft is one of our Young Ambassadors and our very first apprentice, but by night she is a powerhouse in Thai Boxing.

We sat down to talk with Natasha to find out about the work she has been doing with the Foundation and her own sporting successes.

Hi Natasha how have you been enjoying your role as Young Ambassador so far with the Foundation?
It’s been great, since I started in August I’ve worked on summer camps and I’ve been out into schools teaching cricket too. I go with the Lancashire Cricket Board Coaches, teaching techniques and how to understand the rules in the hope that they come to the club and want to take up cricket. The kids love it they get so excited!

You’re also the Foundations first apprentice, how has that been?
It’s great to be the first; I’ve been working in Stretford High school helping to teach sport. Each week I’m teaching rugby, cricket and my sport Thai Boxing. I also support physical activity in 9 local primary schools. I hope the Foundation has more apprenticeships it’s been great for me. Each month I also have a Q&A session with the classes, I always get asked if I have been knocked out!

And have you?
Not yet touch wood!

Why do you think that the work the Foundation does is so good?
Sport builds confidence and open doors for people as it has done with me with my apprenticeship. I’ve seen a change in the children I teach week by week, some of them were very shy to start with then slowly as their confidence builds it is great to see them come out of their shells and see what they can achieve. One girl who came along to one of my Thai Boxing classes was very shy, her mum was very worried about her as she wasn’t making many friends and was quite withdrawn. She’s now doing Thai Boxing, is the only girl in the class and is now better than the boys! I hope through the work I do I’m a role model for them.

You’ve mentioned Thai Boxing quite a lot, when did you get into it?
I was 9, my mum was involved so I thought I’d give it a go and I loved it. Mum doesn’t compete anymore but her and my brothers and sisters always come and watch me in a fight.

What is a typical training day for you?
I am up at 5.30 every morning for a run, then I do my work with the Foundation during the day then a session in the gym, I go home for a few hours and then have another session in the gym in the evening and this is 7 days a week!

It must be paying off as you’ve not done so badly in your fights have you?
You could say that! I’m International British, UK WKA & North West Champion for my weight (51kg)

When is your next fight?
My next fight is in February in Altrincham against a 28yr old. I don’t know much about her, I don’t research how my opponents fight. I just go in to a fight, fit and raring to go. It hasn’t done me much harm so far!

To prepare for your fight you had a battle with a well-known tall mascot recently didn’t you…
Yes Lanky! He does have an advantage because he is tall but he still didn’t knock me out!

Do you think Lanky could beat your next opponent?

What are your ambitions for 2013?
I want to build on my apprenticeship with the Foundation and make an impact on the children I work with, inspiring them to take up sport, volunteering and to lead healthy lifestyles. In Thai Boxing I want to win my next fight and then go to Thailand in March to compete for England. I’m the only girl in the England squad but I won Gold last year and I aim to do it again!

Good luck to Natasha from everyone at the LCCC Foundation.
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