Thu, 6th November 2014

The incredible story of our Ambassador Sgt Rick Clement


On May 27 2010, while on patrol in Afghanistan, Sergeant Rick Clement (pictured) lost both legs in an IED explosion. He was left fighting for his life.

This week, as the nation looks ahead to Remembrance Sunday, we carry a poignant photograph of Rick, now 34, on the cover of the Big Issue, taken by rock star turned photographer Bryan Adams. It features Rick dressed in his formal mess uniform and medals, which recognises his time served in Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan during a distinguished 14-year military career.

“I couldn’t quite believe it when I saw the cover,” said Rick, who was medically discharged from the Army in 2012. “It’s strange to think my picture will be on high streets across Britain but it’s great. I’m better placed to deal with that sort of thing now.


“It’s a very proud picture for me. I was still serving at the time, so I was still able to wear my mess dress. It was the last photographs of me wearing the uniform.

I’ve always been fairly open about my injuries and I hope some good can come out of these photographs “These photographs really open people’s eyes to the severity of the injuries. It’s basically half a body sitting in a chair. ”


Today, Rick dedicates his time between his rehabilitation and charity work, having raised £170,000 (and counting) to support fellow injured soldiers through his own charity, A Soldier’s Journey. and is also an Ambassador for the LCCC Foundation. He is also hoping to walk once again, a feat that seemed impossible a few years ago.


“We tried walking again when I was going through my early rehabilitation but as my amputation is so high up, I was told it was not really going to be feasible. Since then, there’s some new technology come out, like a robotic knee and a seat/harness device, and we’re making progress.


The LCCC Foundation would like to wish Sgt Rick good luck tonight when he attends the Rock FM Time to Shine Awards where he has been nominated for one of the awards. 

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