Fri, 7th September 2012

Health Zone

Lottery FundedThe LCCC Foundation is creating a ‘Health Zone’ underneath The Point at the England v South Africa T20 match this Monday.
At this match we will be running free Diabetes screening and testing consultations, as well as handing out information on overall healthy living.
There are approximately 2.8 million people in the UK already diagnosed as having Diabetes, but it’s thought there could be up to another one million people who have the condition and aren’t aware of it, and a further 7 million people at risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes.So 8 million people may not know they are at risk and by the time they are diagnosed they could already have developed serious complications, like high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney failure and nerve damage.
On the up side it’s not too late to turn back the clock on your risk of Type 2 Diabetes!
If you are at the match please come and spend just 5 minutes of your time before or during the cricket, to have a screening test by trained medical staff, who will be based under The Point from 3pm onwards.
The test is free with results confirmed in just a few minutes by the latest technology!!!
The staff and volunteers of LCCC Foundation look forward to speaking with you!
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