Volunteers Help Make Gorse Hill Gorgeous

Volunteers Help Make Gorse Hill Gorgeous


Gorgeous Gorse Hill, a community group in Stretford, were delighted to welcome volunteers from Galliford Try and LCCC Foundation on the 8th March 2017.

Gorgeous Gorse Hill are a group of local residents working to improve their area through art, planting and flowers. They focus on the everyday spaces so that it has the maximum impact. Ruth Hannan, Chair of the group said: “Our area is bisected by a huge main road and as a result we have a lot of grey metal, drab concrete and sorry looking grass verges. We wanted to tackle those spaces that people see every day on their way to the shops, work and school. If we can put a smile on their face, then we’ve achieved our aims.”

The group has been working hard over the past three years, they have mosaicked concrete bollards, painted BT exchange boxes (you may have spotted the rose on Brian Statham Way) and added five key planted areas all of which were sorely neglected before they took them over.

Galliford Try, LCCC Foundation and Colson Smith (aka Craig Tinker from Coronation Street), joined Ruth and dedicated GGH volunteer Marje Kelly on Wednesday 8 March at their herb, fruit and vegetable planters on Chester Rd (opposite the leisure centre). The group worked hard painting tyre planters, moving strawberry plants and transforming the grass verge areas into future wildflower meadows. Ruth Hannan said: “We’re incredibly grateful for the volunteers from Galliford Try,LCCC Foundation and Colson Smith, without volunteers like these it would be incredibly difficult to maintain our numerous sites. They all worked tirelessly and with real enthusiasm, they were a joy to have with us for the afternoon.”

For more information on Gorgeous Gorse Hill visit their website: www.gorgeousgorsehill.co.uk or follow them on Twitter: @gorse_hill

For more information on LCCC Foundation visit their website: www.lcccfoundation.co.uk or follow them on Twitter: @lcccfoundation