Hints & tips for keeping your fundraising safe & legal

Thank you for choosing to fundraise for us. There are some guidelines you have to follow as it is important to work within government regulations when organising some fundraising activities.
It is important to make sure that everyone at your event, including spectators, is safe while having fun.
Please also inform us at foundationevents@lccc.co.uk if you are planning a fundraising event, so we can make a record of it.
When writing any correspondence or producing any publicity items as part of your fundraising please remember to include the LCCC Foundation charity number 1121855.
Please contact us for guidelines and permission to use the LCCC Foundation logo.



Raffles & Lotteries

Lotteries are arrangements where people pay to participate for the chance of winning a prize. When an element of skill is introduced then it becomes a competition and has fewer restrictions. A raffle is just another word for lottery. There are two types of lottery that you can organise to fundraise.
Small Lottery (raffles held as part of a fundraising event) - These are the easiest lotteries to administer. When a raffle is not the main focus, but part of a larger event, a licence is not required. There must be no cash prizes, and the ticket sales and announcement of the results must be carried out during the event. No more than £250 can be spent on buying prizes and there are no limits on the value of donated prizes.
Society Lotteries - If you hold a larger raffle where, for example, tickets are sold over a period of time prior to the draw taking place, the raffle must be registered with the local authority. A named promoter should be nominated to take responsibility for the raffle. If ticket sales exceed £20,000 you must register with the gaming board.




If you want to collect money in a public place, you must first obtain permission to do so. To collect in the street , you will need a licence from the local council who will also give you a set of rules to follow during your collection.

To collect on private property, for example at a cricket club or at a supermarket, you must ask for permission from whoever is responsible for it. We do not authorise door-to-door collections. Please contact us at foundationevents@lccc.co.uk to advise us about your collection as we will supply you with a sealed and numbered collection box which is required by law.



You will need to plan your event carefully and well in advance. Remember your fundraising idea doesn’t have to be complicated to be successful, but it should always be fun!
• Ensure that your event is organised efficiently and safely.
• Conduct a risk assessment to ensure that you have proper plans for the safety of participants. Contact www.hse.gov.uk for more details.
• Consider what insurance cover you need for your event. The LCCC Foundation cannot accept any responsibility for your event nor for anyone who participates in it.
• Check whether you need any special licences, e.g. a public entertainment licence or a licence to sell alcohol. Contact your local council for advice.
• Always have two people present to count and verify any money raised
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